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Langbiang recognized as world biosphere reserve

On June 9, at the 27th session of the International Coordinating Council (ICC) of the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB), Langbiang Biosphere Reserve in Lam Dong province is recognized as the world biosphere reserve. UNESCO recognition has brought the total number of world biosphere reserves in Vietnam to 9.

The 275,439 ha Lang Biang biosphere reserve with a core area of 56,000 hectares covers the entire Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park, south of the Central Highlands. It remains the typical value of biodiversity, diverse natural landscapes with the unique culture of the space of gong culture which has been recognized as a UNESCO intangible heritage.

The remaining 118,000ha is a wide transitional area covering parts of Da Lat City and Lac Duong, Lam Ha, Duc Trong and Don Duong districts.

The Lang Biang biosphere reserve's core area, a national centre for biodiversity protection, is home to more than 2,000 plant species and nearly 400 animal species, of which 127 are rare species identified on Vietnam’s red list.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has identified this area a top priority conservation area in the conservation program of the Annamite Mountains in Southern Vietnam.


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